Peterbilt Model 567

Peterbilt’s Model 567 defines durability and quality for the vocational market. The 567 is as versatile as it is reliable, and is a workhorse ready to take on the toughest challenges. The tougher the job, the better it performs.



The new Model 567 is specifically designed with rugged durability and quality construction to endure the rigors of dump, logging, construction and the harshest of vocational applications.

The aluminum cab structure is stronger for long-lasting endurance and ruggedness and comes standard to meet severe-service requirements. The durable Metton® hood is lightweight and strong, withstanding impacts that would shatter or crack fiberglass, and it opens a full 90 degrees for easier access to key service points for improved serviceability.


The 567 is available in a set-back front axle configuration for increased maneuverability and optimized weight distribution and with steer axle ratings up to 22,000 lbs. The 567 also offers single, tandem or tridem drive axles and a variety of lift axles for added versatility. Available with a 115” or 121” BBC and as a day cab or with a selection of detachable sleeper configurations, the 567 is as versatile as it is reliable.


On the job, the sloped hood and large, one-piece windshield provide greater visibility. Pod-mounted headlamps are durable, corrosion resistant and simple/cost effective to replace. They feature projector module low beam and halogen reflector high beam for outstanding visibility. Redesigned side mirrors with large, heated mirror surfaces improve both visibility and reliability.


The 567 comes equipped with advanced Vehicle Electronic Control Unit technology. The integration process of vocational bodies is simplified with convenient electrical connectors and customizable programming designed specifically for your operation.

The new standard 15-inch digital display provides a state-of-the-art driver interface that intuitively delivers information and integrates seamlessly with PTO controls and advanced driver assistance systems.

With backup warnings, seat belt alarms, tire pressure monitoring, programmable safety interlocks, and lane departure warning systems, the 567 is the right choice for busy drivers.

Operator Comfort

Model 567’s interior combines ruggedness and durability for the vocational market with comfort and ergonomics for the driver. The Model 567’s wide aluminum cab provides a more
ergonomic and comfortable workspace for drivers. By designing our cab around the operator, Peterbilt has created an environment that drivers want to be in. A fully adjustable steering column and plenty of leg room under the dash give drivers the space to work and move. The multi-functional steering wheel features convenient access to cruise control and audio controls. Switches are backlit for enhanced nighttime visibility. The result is a spacious and ergonomic cab interior with everything in reach and the driver in mind.

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