Welcome to our NEW Winnipeg Service Department!

Mar. 10, 2023

Welcome to our newly renovated and redesigned Winnipeg Service Department!

Upgrades include bright LED lighting, state-of-the-art heating, ventilation, and vehicle exhaust systems (including an HRV), a new dedicated check-in/triage/quick repair area with epoxy flooring and a new paint job, and most importantly, a completely redesigned Service Office and drop-off procedure!

Until we have our permanent signage in place to direct you, here's how the new procedures will work:
1. Please pull your truck up to Bay 1 on the west side of the building.

2. Please exit your truck, come in through the adjacent man door, and enter the double-sliding glass doors to our new Service Office to let us know you're here, and then please get back into your truck and you will be guided to drive inside Bay 1 by a Service Advisor.

3. That Service Advisor will then have a discussion with you about the truck and bring you inside the Service Office to sign a work order.

4. That's it, you're on your way!

5. For pick-up, we will bring your truck around for you, no more having to find it in our back lot!

We appreciate your patience for the short term while we all get used to the new procedures, and we can't wait for you to see the exterior signage and graphics that we have planned to avoid any confusion as we move into the future!

***Trailer parking is on the south-east corner of our lot, by the Inkster entrance.***

Winnipeg Service Expansion

In November 2022, we completed a massive expansion to our Winnipeg Service department, adding 15 new bays! This new area features bright LED lighting, state-of-the-art heating, ventilation, and vehicle exhaust systems (including an HRV), a 5-ton overhead crane, and a 3-ton swinging jib crane to take engines from one of the main bays over to our new dedicated engine-rebuild area!

This expansion also added an upstairs technician area for our Service and Body Shop Technicians, which includes a lunchroom (with a 15-table/60-seat seating area, large fridge, dishwasher, 6 microwaves, vending machines, and coffee and water dispensers), double-tiered racking for coveralls, large 5-tap general sink, training room with 4 workstations, women's locker room/washroom/shower, men's locker room/washroom/shower.