Peterbilt Model 520

Peterbilt’s Model 520 is built to withstand the harsh demands of the refuse industry. Available in four driving configurations, the Model 520 is the clear choice for automated front loader, side loader and rear loader operations. The rugged all-aluminum cab provides exceptional durability and low maintenance. An RP170 connection as well as a joystick mounting pad come standard for seamless body integration. The driving position and ergonomic dash and center console provide an optimum work environment with commanding views of the road and easy access to instruments and controls. Whether for commercial or residential refuse applications, the Model 520 is proven like no other low cab forward in the market today.


Durable Workhorse

With its aluminum cab and robust steel sub-frame, the 520 is as tough as they come.


For easier maintenance and serviceability, the 520 features an industry-leading 65-degree cab tilt, enabling greater access to the engine and onboard equipment - helping you boost uptime and keep your truck on the job.

Configured Your Way

With Right-Hand and Left-Hand drive, Right-Hand Stand-Up and Dual Sit/Drive configurations, this is a truck built for your job.

A customizable panel between the seats enables installation of conveniently located body controls that add more flexibility and functionality.


The 520’s low dash, steering wheel and adjustable seating provide excellent visibility and keep controls within reach.


The Model 520 standard halogen headlamps deliver class-leading forward illumination, while pantograph wipers provide expansive windshield coverage for outstanding visibility.


Designed throughout for aftermarket integrations, the 520 uses multiplexed instrumentation to make the truck easily customizable. Whether in the cab or in the frame rails, you get the freedom and flexibility to add switches and components than enhance functionality and customization.

Sensors instantly mute the radio when the 520 goes into reverse gear, enabling you to focus on what's behind the vehicle and avoid roadway obstacles. Once the transmission returns to another gear, the reverse mute feature cancels and promptly restarts the media.

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