Peterbilt Model 220

The Model 220 is Peterbilt’s solution for pickup and delivery, beverage and refuse applications. Designed for driver productivity and uptime, the 220 features excellent visibility, an ergonomic interior and multiple options for easy upfit. With low chassis weight, the 220 is perfect for high-volume payloads, while the standard Allison automatic transmission and air disc brakes deliver excellent driveability and performance. The front cab panel provides easy access to service points for maximum uptime. The 220 is available with a GVW of 26,000 to 33,000 lbs. An automatic transmission is standard. A right-hand drive configuration is available for specialized applications like street sweeper and paint striper.



The 220 features an advanced braking system that combines collision mitigation, electronic stability, and automatic traction controls to ensure safer operation, in even the harshest road or weather conditions.

Efficiency & Uptime

The total weight of the 200 has been reduced by nearly 200 pounds - preparing it for bigger payloads and better fuel efficiency.

The 220's single axle provides added maneuverability, plus better fuel economy with its reduced weight.

For easier servicing, the 220's front panel opens to enable quick and easy access to the air filter, coolant, refrigerant, washer fluid, power-steering fluid, and engine oil.

Quality and Design

Tighter handling and maneuverability means the 220 handles confined driving spaces with ease.

Spacious Cab: More width and height and superior amenities make Peterbilt the driver's choice.

Plenty of Storage: Rear-wall and cabin-width overhead compartments make storing essentials and freeing up cab space easy.

Driver Information Display: In operation-critical display cluster helps track your truck's performance and fuel economy.

Multi-Functional Steering: Conveniently located backlit cruise and audio controls make driving safer and more enjoyable, day or night.


Visibility: Exceptional visibility results from the combination of an expansive windshield and large side windows.

Electronic Stability Control: As a second layer of protection for driver and truck, the 220 comes equipped with the Wabco SmartTrac ESC. In high-risk situations, SmartTrac engages to provide you with more stability, directional control, and safer deceleration through selective braking.

Automatic Traction Control: Whenever drive wheels spin or slippage is detected, the 220's Automatic Traction Control takes over, applying wheel drive brakes or reducing engine torque to ensure driver control during forward motion.

Collision Mitigation: Designed for safer operation, the 220 features the optional Wabco OnGuardACTIVE Collision Mitigation System.

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