PacLease 2015 Canada Region Awards

PacLease 2015 Canada Region Awards

April 18, 2016: Peterbilt Manitoba PacLease was awarded the 2015 Canada Region “Franchise of the Year”, and Gold Level designation on the PACCAR Leasing Standards of Excellence, based on performance in 2015.

When assessing Standards of Excellence, the performance of each franchise is evaluated in five areas: Commitment, Capabilities, Profitability, Asset Management, and Sales and Rental Management.

  • Commitment and Capabilities looks at alignment between the dealership and the franchise, franchise facilities, signage, and operational capabilities such as dedicated mechanics and effective accounting systems, among others.
  • Franchise Profitability reviews total franchise contribution to the dealership’s bottom line.
  • Some of the aspects evaluated under Asset Management are how effectively the franchise manages Preventive Maintenance, lease and rental fleet average age, and used vehicle gain on sale, to name a few.
  • Sales and Rental Management evaluate units in-serviced vs. goal, recruitment, development and retention of sales people, development of marketing plans, and sales pipeline management, among other aspects.


A Gold Level designation on the PACCAR Leasing Standards of Excellence includes achievements like showing a consistent profitability stream, attainment of goals for in-servicing trucks, and improving operating performance.

Peterbilt Manitoba PacLease began operations in 2002.  In 2015, they were able to reduce their variable costs and greatly improve their PM currency.

Congratulations to Lease & Rental Manager Troy Argo and his team at Peterbilt Manitoba PacLease for this award. It is a testament to all the long hours, hard work, and dedication they all put in to ensure that everything is being done to look after our amazing customers!

Doug Danylchuk and Troy Argo accepting the 2015 Canada Region “Franchise of the Year” award.

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